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Programming Schedule

Monday – Friday
6am – 10am Keyshawn, JWill and Zubin
10a-12p Greeny
12p – 2p Bart and Hahn
2p-4p The Max Kellerman Show
4p-6p The Drive
6p-7p Chiney & Golic Jr
7p-9p Spain & Fitz
9p-1am Freddie & Fitzsimmons

7a – 10a Marty & McGee
10a-1p Dari & Mel
1p-5p Gameday
5p-9p Primetime
9p-1a Game Night

6a-7a The Sporting Life
7a-8a Best Week Ever
8a to 8:30a Infotrak
8:30a to 9:00 Radio Health Journal
9a-10a Best Week Ever
10a – 11a Fireplace Church Svc
11a-1p Sunday Morning
1p-5p Gameday
5p-7p Primetime
7p-10:30p Podcenter
10:30p-1a Game Night

Special Programming
Panther Talk – Monday’s at 6:05pm
NFL – Carolina Panthers
College Gameday – Airs 3 hours before each VT football game